Well – how did I get here? I’m auditioning – I’ve never had an audition in my life.

I’m barefoot in the Pavilion Theatre, after three weeks of limping, getting lifts & buses, not walking, foot-up etc after the man/machine mashup (id. A Perfect Day Almost) so I haven’t used this foot for a while, and now I’m about to dance. Jason, the rehearsals director, has asked us to dance our names (a request I’ve not heard before), so I’ve been working out a sequence that, well, dances my name.

So – I’ve got it just about, but now we have to integrate our name with a partner’s name. I choose Chris, and look, we both have an H in the middle. His sequence is more compact than mine (mine sprawls, typically, across about twenty feet). So we can coincide with an angular body-H. I forget the foot problem, and we rehearse our little piece together; our H is perfect each time we run through.

When we perform it, the H’s slip a little – disappointing. We’ll see…

Dance your name! Go on – dance your name!